eXtreme Accountability powered by The Rich Life Academy
Accountability Will Help you...
  • Set Goals, Achieve them and Build Positive Habits
  •  Scale your Income and Grow your Net Worth
  • Grow your Influence and Leadership
  •  Speak, Think & Live like a Millionaire in All Areas of Life
  •  Elevate Your Circle of Influence and Mentors
How Does This Work?
Each Accountability Group Consists Of...

5 Hand Selected Achievers

who are looking to network, mastermind, and track goals with other highly accountable action takers.

1 Success Mentor

is assigned to each group to help facilitate weekly calls, help track goal progress within your accountability portal, and provide support in between calls.

A 60-Min Weekly Video Call

with your accountability group to network, share resources, and mastermind on life and business topics.
If you are ready to level up your life and business and achieve more than you ever have, then apply today!
eXtreme Accountability
If you are someone who is looking to level up your income, impact, and influence then its time to surround yourself with some of the most intentional entrepreneurs on the planet and join an accountability group. Based on your goals and expertise in your industry, you will be placed into one of our world class accountability groups with 5 other hand selected, top achievers who are looking to network, mastermind, and track goals on a weekly 60 minute video call. 
extreme accountability
New Accountability App For Tracking Your Goals
eXtreme Accountability powered by The Rich Life Academy
Our Newest system and mentorship program will keep you on track daily and when you don't mark your task completed, our Accountability system will Remind you via text & email that you have not checked in to mark your daily tasks as completed! "Keeping you on Track daily, Reminding you of your Goals when you're not! Not to mention, your mentor can monitor your progress and pop-in and check-up on you when your NOT getting things done. 
No more hiding in the dark thinking no one is watching your progress. 

Tech + Accountability = Extreme Accountability.
"Imagine joining a dedicated group of creative entrepreneurs who are as committed to growing their businesses as you are. You get to learn from each other while being held accountable to your individual goals by an experienced coach." 
When you do what’s important to you, and you do it consistently, it will change your life and business. But here’s the deal, None of us are perfect. Which means, although you might WANT to stay the course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will — even though you know what a HUGE difference it would make. And usually, all that’s missing is one crucial piece, Accountability. Whether you plan on launching your next big thing, want to double your income, or take better care of you while you 
conquer the world, there’s strength in being held Accountable. 
Non-Scripted, Real Testimonials From Real People Getting Real Results Through Real Accountability
Reyna R. 
Entrepreneur, Marketer, Blogger
Austin L.
Real Estate Investor, AirBnB,
Jac C.
Real Estate Pro, Entrepreneur
BONUS! From The Creators of
"The Rich Life Planner"
This planner helps Eliminate Distractions, Stay Efficient, Stay Motivated, Be More Organized, Optimize Your Daily Habits, Get Extremely Clear On Your Top Priority Goals & Elevate Your Thinking In Order To Unlock More Fulfillment and Success!. Each member will receive their own Digital copy of The Rich Life Planner.
Let's RECAP, Here is Everything You Will Receive with eXtreme Accountability.

Extreme Accountability

If you want to elevate your network, scale your income, and grow your life and business as a whole, our hand selected accountability groups are the way to do it. Get weekly accountability, mentorship, and mastermind time with the most intentional business owners on the planet that are looking to grow and connect with other like-minded individuals. Our accountability software, assigned success mentor, and weekly calls make it impossible for you not to stay on track and achieve your goals. 

The Rich Life Road Map To Unlocking More Wealth, Health, & Happiness 

BONUS! Access to all the curriculum of resources, worksheets and videos inside The Rich Life Academy library with amazing videos on Self-Help, Mindset, Sales Training, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Real Estate Investing, AirBnB and so much more being added weekly. 

The Rich Life Planner

To achieve success, it requires extreme clarity and what better way to get that clarity than with The Rich Life Planner. Its debut in 2018 made noise worldwide.  This planner helps Eliminate Distractions, Stay Efficient, Stay Motivated, Be More Organized, Optimize Your Daily Habits, Get Extremely Clear On Your Top Priority Goals & Elevate Your Thinking In Order To Unlock More Fulfillment and Success!. And every member will get access to a digital copy of the planner. 

Monthly Community Video Calls

Every month we have on-going training from some of the best minds in today's era.  We have Tactical Training of the Month where we focus on a specific topic of productivity for that month with a special guest coach. We also have the Millionaire Mentor of The Month where a high-level entrepreneur shares his story and knowledge with the community as well as having full access to ask him questions. 

24/7 Entrepreneurial Support 

Access to The Rich Life Academy exclusive Facebook Group where all members can interact and share with one another. Keeping all the activities and information organized!
STEP 1 - Submit Application
What is Your First Name?
What is Your Last Name?
What is Your Email?
What is Your Phone Number?
How Did You Hear About Us?
Tell Us A Little More...
Answer the following questions in order for us to learn more about your business and focus so we can discuss placing you into the appropriate accountability group.
What Accountability Group Are You Most Interested in Being Part of?
(List the topic, industry, or niche you are looking to be in an accountability and mastermind group for)
What is your experience level in your Profession?
On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Would You Rate Your CURRENT Peer/Coaching/Accountability Group?
What would make your accountability group experience a level 10?
What are your TOP 3 goals you'd like to achieve while in your accountability group?
What's the #1 (most important) goal you want to be held accountable to achieving from your peers and why?
What's the biggest challenge you have to solve in order to 
achieve those goal(s)?
Revenue Generated in The Last 12 months? Select One
How Many Deals Have you Done In the Last Year? (If Applicable)
Can you commit to a weekly call for 1 hour with your accountability group?
(This is a mandatory requirement as attendance is critical for the best experience and success of the accountability groups.)
(1st Call Choice) Please select the best day/time window that you know you can commit to for a weekly call with your accountability group.
(2nd Call Choice) Please select the best day/time window that you know you can commit to for a weekly call with your accountability group.
(3rd Call Choice) Please select the best day/time window that you know you can commit to for a weekly call with your accountability group.
How Do You Feel This Dynamic & Powerful Community Will Help You Achieve Your Goals?
Finally, Why Should We Accept You Into The Rich Life Academy?
 STEP 2 - Set Discovery Call with Success Mentor 
Immediately After Submitting your Application, you will be directed to Step 2 and there you will pick the best time that is available for you to have the discovery call with a success mentor. 
(If you have already submitted an application and did not setup and discovery call please click -HERE- to be directed to schedule a discovery call)
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the day and time each week that the accountability group calls are held?
Our Day & Time for Accountability group calls are different for each group. The way the day and time is selected is based on the consensus of the members in each group agreeing together. That's is one of the reasons why our groups are only up to 6 people at all times so it's easier for everyone to select a day & time all 6 members in the group can agree to.
What happens if I can't make the accountability call?
You MUST notify your assigned accountability success mentor at least 24hrs before your accountability call. We understand emergencies happen AND we emphazise if its not a Life or Death emergency, there should be no reason why you should miss your accountability call. 
What if I don't like my accountability group?
We take pride in pairing you up with the right group of like minded individuals. Part of growth is pushing yourself to new heights and pushing boundaries, so being uncomfortable will be normal as you are pushed to do new things or things necessary that you don't like but are crucial for your business and growth. However we do understand things can happen and if there are issues with your group, we should be notified immediately to Support@TheRichLifeAcademy.com and we will handle the request on a case by case basis.
What is the format of the accountability group calls?
Weekly group calls are a healthy balance between extreme accountability and high level masterminding. The first half of each call is spent checking in on your previous call commitments and tracking your goal progress on our eXtreme Accountability software to keep you moving in the right direction. The second half of the call is spent masterminding with your group around real life issues, business challenges, and tactical strategies.
How long do the accountability groups go for?
All members are expected to commit to 3 months minimum (90 day sprints) in your accountability group, this is designed to create consistency in your life and less distractions to yourself and the other group members. After 3 months if you wish to graduate from your Accountability group and move on to another more challenging extreme accountability group you can do so. Be sure to let your assigned success mentor know this so we can upgrade you to a new group after your 3 month (90 day sprint).
Who are the other people in my accountability group?
People are selected based on their experience levels, their goals they are looking to accomplish, the particular industry niche and their ability to commit to the weekly accountability call at the same time as the other assigned group members.
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